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Expanding the Horizons of Medicine

Underwriting Systems of America (USA) is developing the MEDISCRIBE© System to give medical professionals
unique and critical tools.

USA have developed the MEDISCRIBE© and the MEDISCRIBE IPI© System.  MEDISCRIBE© is copyrighted under Registration TXu 10725-932, clark 2010 and Patented.
MEDISCRIBE© is a complete, copyrighted, and Patented Medical IT information and diagnostic system, combining capabilities for accessing patient history and diagnostic tools for the medical profession. These include a comprehensive database, medical diagnostic system, IPI Card System, a means of tracking pharmaceutical data, and a delivery system for the Internet, computer or Smart Phone, with satellite communications for remote access.
With the new medical professional shortage looming on the U.S. Horizon the majority of medical personnel would probably list their primary objectives as including the ability to quickly and accurately diagnose the problems presented to them, give their patients the best care reasonably available at an affordable cost, and the avoidance of medical errors and accompanying malpractice claims.
The MEDISCRIBE© System is designed to help the professional meet all of these objectives and more!

The MEDISCRIBE© System will  incorporate:
(1) A state-of-the-are integrated medical and pharmacological data, patient history and a multi-approach delivery system;
(2) An IPI Card recognition system that allows the consumer and professional to access critical information when needed the most, and;
(3) 5 independent server systems that are produce the tightest security that allows only verified and recognized  individuals into the system while providing service 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.  Far exceeds all new HIPAA standards and requirements.
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A pictorial illustration as to how the MEDISCRIBE© System works.
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