Exactly how does the System work?
The MEDISCRIBE© Diagnostic System is actually very simple.  It is a searchable and extensive database and program system that allows medical professionals, medical entities, and patient’s access to the System to obtain vital and critical medical information for completing a diagnosis or obtaining vital and critical medical information.

There are 3 components to the MEDISCRIBE© System:
1) The need for a medical professional to conduct a diagnosis on a patient’s problem:
The medical professional enters the information regarding the patient’s problem.  The System then analyses the information and begins to reduce the possibilities through the medical professional’s observations and additional testing until a solid diagnosis is reached that is based on current medical knowledge.
2) A medical professional that needs immediate and critical information concerning a patient:
The medical professional is able to access the medical information through the use of the MEDISCRIBE© IPI Card System.  The information will be verified and authenticated and the medical professional will be able to access critical and vital information regarding the patient’s medical condition, history, allergies, shots, current medications, etc.
3) A patient that needs access to their medical information:
The patient has limited access to their personal medical information and is able to access it at any time.
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