Does this do away with a Doctor’s innate medical abilities, skills, education, and judgment?
Absolutely not!  What MEDISCRIBE© does provide is the information and a recommendation to the medical professional as to a course of action and findings based on the information that they input.  The MEDISCRIBE© System actually performs in the identical way that any medical professional would use to reach a diagnostic conclusion of the problem.  

What medical professionals do:
1) They look at the medical problem using their knowledge and expertise;
2) They then, based on their background medical knowledge and experience, ask the patient questions;
3) They then, based on their medical knowledge, understanding, and experience, make observations;
4) They then order tests to help them eliminate possibilities;
5) They review the patient information, the tests, their expert observation, and then they begin to eliminate the possibilities; and then
6) They develop a diagnosis and treatment.  

What MEDISCRIBE© does:
1) MEDISCRIBE© receives the input from the medical professional about the problem and searches the extensive and complete databases,
2) MEDISCRIBE© then begins to eliminate possibilities by recommending questions to have the medical professional ask the patient,
3) MEDISCRIBE© then asks the medical professional to input their expert medical observations by way of asking questions of the medical professional;
4) MEDISCRIBE© then provides the medical professional with addition recommendations on tests that can be conducted that would produce information that would limit the possibilities;
5) MEDISCRIBE© then reviews the input information from the medical professional and searches all of the medical libraries, all of the pharmaceutical companies, all of the homeopathic drugs, all of the street drugs, all of the poisons, and the complete patient and family history;  and
6) MEDISCRIBE© then recommends to the medical professional a solution based on the medical professionals expert knowledge of medicine, their skills of observation, and their intuitive skills to eliminate the possibilities and then MEDISCRIBE© would deliver a recommended medical diagnosis and treatment.
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