Why would anyone, besides a patient’s primary care Doctor, use this product?
There are many legitimate reasons why a medical professional, other than a patient’s primary Doctor, would want to use the information found in a patient’s medical records.  Of course the primary care Doctor wants the information as it is his/her patient and it is important to have the patient’s records available for any visit or problem that the patient is having that needs the patient/family database and the diagnostic program.  However, the is a need for an emergency medical professional to be able to obtain a patient’s medical history in the event that they have an emergency.  In an extreme few cases do patients know what their blood type is, their medical records show as to their past complaints and shots, and only an extreme few know what medications they are allergic to and what medication that they are currently taking.
In the case of a hospital admittance the patient’s medical information is used exactly as it is used by the primary care Doctor.  In the case of an outpatient clinic, the information will save time and medical costs as they will not have to duplicate the information and conduct unnecessary test to find out the information that is already in the patient’s file.  
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