I understand how a Doctor can use it, but how does a hospital or Emergency Room?
The Hospitals will use it in the same way that they currently use a patient’s medical records.  

What hospitals currently do is:
1) If the patient enters through the ER or triaged in the hospital a new set of records are created that will include all their critical information;
2) When possible the Hospital will request a patient’s records from their primary care physician;  
3) These are then forwarded to the nurse’s station on the floor where the patient is located;
4) Whether the patient’s past records sent over or they are created records are the records are physically stored on the nurse’s station close to the patient.
5) The attending medical professional then reviews the patient records before the talking with the patient, administering treatment/drugs, or taking vitals with the patient;
6) Then the records are updated with the information from taking the vital signs, checking the patient, and the physician’s visits.
7) The records are then returned to the patient’s primary care doctor if they are requested if not the are stored in the patient record section of the hospital.

What MEDISCRIBE© will do:
1) MEDISCRIBE© will provide access to the patient’s record so no tests or duplication of already existing information occurs (reducing costs);
2) MEDISCRIBE© then is available to the attending medical professional without having to wait on the physical records to be transferred from either the ER or the primary care Doctor.
3) MEDISCRIBE© then allows the attending medical professional to review the records before talking with the patient, allows recording of all vitals that are taken, allows recording of all treatments and drugs, and even allows recording of the visit by the attending physician.  All with a time recorded in the record.
4) Since the records are all virtual, there is no storage of records for the Hospital or having to return records to the primary care Doctor.
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