What kind of format does the consumer need to provide MEDISCRIBE© for their individual records to be of the System?
If the consumer is joining the system independently of their primary care doctor the consumer will need to obtain their medical record from their doctor’s office.  The medical record information can be in given to MEDISCRIBE© in most any form.  
1) This can include PDF files or digital if electronically transmitted;  
2) It can be by facsimile if transmitted via telephone; or
3) It can be by a copy of the file.

MEDISCRIBE© will take the information and convert it into a searchable and secure database.  In the cases where it is a PDF file, facsimile, or a paper copy, the information will be scanned into the system through advanced scanning equipment and OCR software that converts even handwriting into searchable word format.  If the individual is not close to a MEDISCRIBE© office, the information can be taken to any one of a number of different service companies to have the information directly scanned into a PDF file and electronically sent to MEDISCRIBE©.  
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