What about competition, isn’t there a lot of competitors in the market?
The competition for all of the products and services that MEDISCRIBE© offers is very limited.  In fact, there is not another company out there that can match the services.  To understand the complexity of considering the competition that MEDISCRIBE© must consider, it is important to understand the different facets in which MEDISCRIBE© operates.  When looking at the MEDISCRIBE© System it is important to compare all of the functions that the systems offer, such as:
1) Medical diagnostic software program
2) Delivery to multiple receiving devices,
3) Complete Medical Diagnostics
4) Specific Medical Diagnostic Areas
5) Medical Reference and Search
6) Drug References and Searches – Prescriptions
7) Drug References and Searches – Over the Counter
8) Drug References and Searches – Herbal
9) Drug References and Searches – Clinical Trials
10) Drug References and Searches – Street/Illegal Drugs
11) Patient Information and History
12) Emergency Room Delivery of Patient Information
13) Home Healthcare Delivery Patient Information
14) Residential Patient Care
15) Delivery to Out-Patient clinic of Individual Patient Files
16) Emergency Individual/Patient Medical Information
17) Traveler’s Medical Information
18) Private Consumer Medical Information availability
19) IPI Card Delivery System

MEDISCRIBE© is truly a leader in the market.
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