What is the biggest obstacle that you must overcome?
There are no single “biggest” tasks remaining that MEDISCRIBE© must face.  The tasks can be broken into the following:

1) Design and Population of the databases
 The basics of the databases are already designed and have been proven successful in different areas. There are companies that have been functioning for years that provide a diagnostic system for consumers and medical professionals, but they have not included a pharmaceutical database or personal medical information.  There are a number of companies that provide the pharmaceutical database searches but they are not inclusive of prescriptions, OTC, clinical trials, street/illegal drugs, poisons, and homeopathic drugs.  In addition, they do not link to a person’s medical records or the medical database.  In addition, there are a number of entities that conduct the conversion of the medical records into digital format, but they do not link these to the medical or the pharmaceutical databases.
Once funded, MEDISCRIBE© will begin the task of hiring the necessary people to enter the extensive amount of data into the system.  The necessary people are available in different geographic areas and are immediately available at reasonable rates.

2) Keeping the databases up to date
Once the MEDISCRIBE© personnel have completed the databases, they will immediately switch roles to research and monitor the different areas for updates on the information.

3) Bringing to life the IPI Card
This is not a difficult as the basic operations of the card have been in use for many years.  What MEDISCRIBE© has done is to transfer the proven knowledge over to use in access medical information instead of, for example, banking information.

4) Developing Sales
The market has never been so well primed for a new program.  For almost 10 years Congress has been talking about the eventual electronic database, starting with the government introduction of HIPAA standards which has anticipated electronic databases in 2003.  Much has been written about the healthcare and medicine going digital and everyone has been more than prepared for the eventuality of the medical digital age.  
As pointed out about the market, the market is extremely large and is already primed.  Being the first in the market as many advantages and the first one is to grab market share.  

MEDISCRIBE© now has it covered and is ready to begin operations.
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