How is the Doctor billed?
Once the doctor has signed on as a subscriber and all of their patient’s medical records will be scanned into the MEDISCRIBE© System.  There will be an electronic record kept of all access and every time a record is access the doctor will be billed $2.75.  
The average patient load for a doctor is 1,208 patients
that they will see an average of 2.4 times a year for an
annual per patient billing of $6.60.  
If the doctor makes $225,000 annual and
spends an average of 8 minutes with a patient
this is averages to be about $36 dollars per patient.  
Figuring that this would reduce the actual research time from 6 minutes to 1 minute
this would be able to reduce actual research time by 75% and
would be able to reduce the direct expenses by $24.25 per patient.  
So a doctor spending $2.75
would save $24.25 for a
net direct savings costs of $21.50.  
Then based on the average patient load and the average annual visit this equates to an annual savings of $62,332.80.  

Based on these figures this would reduce part of the time spent on research and more spent on actual patient interaction.  
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