Can this really reduce medical malpractice and how?
Without a doubt!  Misdiagnosis is the number one leading cause of death and is the number one cause of medical malpractice.  Although MEDISCRIBE© will not be able to eliminate all of medical mistakes, what MEDISCRIBE© will be able to do is to eliminate the majority of misdiagnosis that are due to improper research, conclusions, and treatments that result from a lack of access to current medical information and treatment, the premature termination of investigation when a false positive diagnosis has been achieved, or time is just too short for a complete research of the patient’s problem.
The market for medical malpractice insurance is a very competitive market.  When a company can reduce the premiums this will give them an advantage in the market and be able to sell more insurance.  What MEDISCRIBE© will be able to do is to drastically reduce the incidents of misdiagnosis resulting in a reduction of medical malpractice claims that then result in better performance by the medical malpractice insurance carrier that results in lower premiums for the medical professional which in turns results in lower healthcare costs.
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