How can a computer “diagnosis” a patient?
What MEDISCRIBE©does not provide is a diagnosis “for” the patient.  MEDISCRIBE© is a system  in which the medical professional uses the MEDISCRIBE© System as another tool in which to achieve and deliver a proper and complete diagnosis, treatment, and hopefully a cure to the specific patient problem.  MEDISCRIBE© is no more accurate that what the current state of medical arts, knowledge, training, and data consists of at that moment in time when the information is needed.
When you are dealing with a finite number of possibilities, all-be-it that modern medical knowledge will require an extensive database, it is still finite.  And if it is “finite” it can become a searchable database.

The MEDISCRIBE© System is absolutely no different than:
1) teaching medicine at a medical school and using a text book and a medical reference library as there is a finite number of classes, lectures, and books;  
2) or when a physician conducts his/her Continuing Medical Education through attending conferences and listening to lectures, see demonstrations, and viewing instructional material;
3) or by bring his/her knowledge up-to-date (or current) by reading what is happening in Medical Journals and articles;
4) or getting on the Internet to independently search through different search engines for information that concerning a specific disease or medical problem.   

MEDISCRIBE© does provide the exact same finite amount of education, information, and data to the medical professional.  What MEDISCRIBE© does is to take the information that is already in existence in the medical libraries, the text books, the CME classes, the medical journals, the medical articles, the lectures, the demonstrations, the clinic trials, and under consideration (all of which are now delivered electronically) and make it convenient for a medical professional to access all in one place, the MEDISCRIBE© System.  As far as the consideration of the “diagnosis” MEDISCRIBE© takes the electronic manifestation of logical, mathematical, and investigative routine of deductive elimination of information, observations, and test results of non relevant information and then searches the databases for matching comparative data and then provide an unbiased, uninfluenced, logical answer to the remaining relevant information that will not conclude the search until all possibilities are exhausted.  

MEDISCRIBE© eliminates a number of problems that include:
1) natural human error due to fatigue;
2) pre-mature diagnostic closure;
3) out dated information;
4) lack of time to adequately research;
5) incomplete medical knowledge of the problem that includes all pharmaceutical influences (inclusive of prescription, OTC, homeopathic, poisons, and street drugs and their reactions, interactions, and causal effects);
6) the human impossibility that any human has the ability to remember and retain “everything” that is in a medical library, a medical journal, in medical articles, from medical lectures, medical demonstrations, and clinical trials.

However, want MEDISCRIBE©does provide is the ability for the medical professional to use their education, skills, talents, expertise, and experience to their fullest capacity by providing them all the complete medical knowledge and library for their easy access. MEDISCRIBE© allows the medical professional the ability to access “all” of the information quickly and conveniently in a timely manner without him/her missing any information or details that due to time constraints using the old inefficient method of random searches that results in “String” searches that have no being on the problem and that waists the medical professionals time, and this is not to mentioned the greatly increased probability that a “clue” or “search string” was that missed that may have lead to the solution of the problem.  One of the greatest problems that results in misdiagnosis is “Premature” closure.  MEDISCRIBE© takes all of the aforementioned knowledge and information then conveniently place it in one location for ease of access.  Then MEDISCRIBE© ties in the pharmaceutical database, and cross references the patient’s individual medical information.

What MEDISCRIBE© does in not new.  In fact the technology has been around for sometimes.  A simplified reversion of MEDISCRIBE© can be found in the operations of WebMD (NASDAQWBMD).  WebMD is an American corporation which provides health information services and was founded in 1996 by Jim Clark and Pavan Nigam as Healthscape, it became Heatlheon and in 1999 it acquired the startup WebMD to form Healtheon/WebMD (The name was later shortened to WebMD).  It is primarily known for its public Internet site, which has information regarding health and health care, including a symptom checklist, pharmacy information, "drugs information", blogs of physicians with specific topics and a place to store personal medical information. As of February 2011, WebMD’s network of sites reaches an average of 86.4 million visitors per month and is the leading health portal in the United States. WebMD maintains a dedicated staff of professional journalists and board certified physicians who produce the site’s content, and this content undergoes a rigorous medical review process to ensure it is credible and accurate. URAC, the largest accrediting body for health care, has accredited WebMD’s and will be accrediting MEDISCRIBE© operations in everything from proper disclosures and health content to security and privacy.

MEDISCRIBE© is not producing a “magic wand” it is only providing a service to the medical professional by providing him/her with the ability to quickly and accurately have access to all medical and pharmaceutical information related to a patient’s condition and then provide them with a tool that eliminates extraneous material that is not relevant to the problem while congruently making sure the medical professional does not miss any possible medical scenarios that are available, in clinical trials, or may be possible in finding a treatment or cure for the patient’s problem.  MEDISCRIBE© is not about the medical professional it is about providing a valuable tool in which the medical professional is able to increase the delivery of healthcare to the patient while reducing frivolous tests, treatments, and unnecessary hospitalization.   

There is a point of consideration and question and that is of the “legal permission to synthesize a diagnosis.” MEDISCRIBE©only produces a suggested medical diagnosis based on the information and data that is placed into the system by the medical professional.  The MEDISCRIBE© System is only as good as the information that the medical professional provides.  MEDISCRIBE© does not interact with a patient and will not offer the services on the Internet as does WebMD.  It still takes the skills, the education, the training, and the medical expertise of the medical professional to be able to make the MEDISCRIBE© System function correctly and to its fullest potential and to help the medical professional achieve the primary goal of their profession, THAT IS TO INCREASE PATIENT CARE.

MEDISCRIBE© is an extension of the
not a replacement!
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