Currently, when military personnel are deployed to a war zone they must carry their medical records with them, or such records must be transported to the battalion command in order to quickly respond to any medical emergency of the deployed serviceperson.  Instead of having the records physically transported, the military would be able to use the MEDISCRIBE© System.  
The field medic would respond to the emergency and they will be able to carry with them an iPad that has the ability to “Swipe” the military version of the IPI Card.  This would provide the medic with all vital and critical information to assess the problem in the field.  When the service person is then transported to a mobile surgical hospital, instead of having to waiting for the service medical files to be transported to the hospital, the medical team need only access the medical information through the MEDISCRIBE© System.

COST: This will be a complete system’s designed and will be
developed for presentation to the military for a military contract.
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