For any medical professional, patients must always remain
the top priority and the focus of any care or treatment must always
on remain on delivering the finest in patient care.  A medical
professional must always care about “patient care” and ensure that
the patient is, not only comfortable, but well-informed about what
is going on as part of their treatment and care. A medical
professional must always:
1) keep the lines of communication open through every step;
2) take the time to complete a thorough medical history;
3) listen carefully to the patient throughout the visit and the exam;
4) never hurry through an appointment or consultation;
5) have an exceptional understanding and knowledge of medicine and treatments;  
6) keep abreast of all new trends and clinical trials;  

MEDISCRIBE© interacts with the medical professional to provide them with specific information based on the patient’s input, the medical professional’s observations, input and comparison of test results, and the ability to print off patient information.  This allows the medical professional to be able to interact with the patient and knowledgeably talk about the problem, treatment, and diagnosis.
Once the initial patient information has been entered into the database, MEDISCRIBE© will be able to provide the medical professional with complete and immediate access to all of the patient’s historical information and family history.  Then MEDISCRIBE© will guide the medical professional to obtain a thorough questioning of the patient’s current compliant or problem.
Since MEDISCRIBE© is doing the research this allows the medical professional the time to listen to the patient instead of having to multi-task and possibly missing an important detail or fact.  In addition, since MEDISCRIBE© is doing the research and has all of the data already available for the medical professional, the medical professional does not have to hurry through an appointment or consultation.  MEDISCRIBE© understands that the medical professional has a very brief “window” of merely minutes to make an assessment and to develop a diagnosis (or the start if it is a complicated issues).  By doing the exhaustive research MEDISCRIBE© allows the medical professional to have more time with the patient.
Because MEDISCRIBE© is updated 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the medical professional will always have the most complete and updated information on all of medicine.
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