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MEDISCRIBE© has developed an independent server system in which
they are locating in at least five separate and distinct server grouping in 5
separate geographical locations.  The locations are:
1) Jacksonville Florida
2) Memphis Tennessee
3) Wichita Kansas
4) Phoenix Arizona
5) San Francisco California

Each individual system employees the state of the art server, firewall, and anti-hacking equipment and software that is independent of the other systems.  Each system is designed to have at least a 5X redundant system and a continual “off grid” power supply.  In addition, each will have an offsite backup.  This provides a backup system that is 5x5x5 or a realistic 125 times data backup system.

In essences, MEDISCRIBE© has developed an independent Internet system for the protection of the patient information.  In effect, what MEDISCRIBE© has done is to build an independent “Cloud” or private Internet system. A MEDISCRIBE© Cloud user will have a delivery device such as the iPad, a laptop, desktop computer, pad computer, smart phone, or other computing resource with a web browser (or other approved access route) to access the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud system via the World Wide Web.  The user will log into the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud at a service provider, the doctor’s office, the hospital, the ER Room, or any such preapproved access point.  The MEDISCRIBE© Cloud computing works on a client-server basis, using web browser protocols.  The MEDISCRIBE© Cloud provides server-based applications and all data services to the authorized user, with outputs displayed on the client device.  
Memory allocated to the authorized user is used to make the application data appear on the client system display, but all computations and changes are recorded by the MEDISCRIBE© server, and final results including files created or altered are permanently stored on the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud servers.
Since the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud services are “web-based” they work on multiple platforms, including Linux, Macintosh, and Windows computers.  Smart phones, pads and tablet devices with Internet and World Wide Web access also provide MEDISCRIBE© Cloud services to telecommuting and mobile users.
MEDISCRIBE© pools the processing power of multiple servers in the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud to achieve routine tasks such as backing up of large amounts of data, and large number of clients access the database.  With MEDISCRIBE© Cloud computing, clients require only a simple computer, such as netbooks, designed with cloud computing in mind, or even a smartphone, with a connection to the Internet, or a company network, in order to make requests to and receive data from the MEDISCRIBE© Cloud, hence the term “software as a service” (SaaS).  Computation and storage is divided among the remote MEDISCRIBE© servers in order to handle large volumes of both, thus the client need not purchase expensive hardware or software to handle the task.  

Technical description
MEDISCRIBE© Cloud computing provides computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. Parallels to this concept can be drawn with the electricity grid, wherein end-users consume power without needing to understand the component devices or infrastructure required to provide the service.
The MEDISCRIBE© Cloud computing provides a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for IT services based on Internet protocols, and involves provisioning of dynamically scalable resources.  It provider applications via the internet, which are accessed from a web browser as described above, while the medical software, data, and databases are stored on the MEDISCRIBE© remote server location.
The bottom line that the subscribed needs to understand is that using the MEDISCRIBE© System presents them with one of the most secured operations of its kind in the world.
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