The MEDISCRIBE© System is designed specifically to enable
medical personnel to correctly diagnose patients.  The medical professional
is provided with complete and up-to-date knowledge of all medications,
treatments, procedures, and regiments that will always remain current.
This will greatly increase the efficiency of the doctor, not to mention the
obvious potential benefits to the patient.
With the total number of adverse effects or complications caused
that are caused by or that result from misdiagnosis or incorrect advice
(iatrogenic) deaths reported at over 780,000 deaths annually in the U.S.,
according to a paper written by Gary Null PhD and Carolyn Dean MD ND
entitled, “Death by Medicine.” MEDISCRIBE© is able to provide an
up-to-date assessment and recommended diagnosis to the medical professional.  Thus, having a possible drastic effect on the number of deaths that are attributed is misdiagnosis or incorrect advice and treatment.
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