1) Reduces Misdiagnosis.
Having an extensive medical database available to the doctor significantly
reduces the risk of a misdiagnosis.  This enables the doctor to use all
current medical knowledge to make an informed decision and to consider
all alternatives for the best patient care available.
2) Printed Doctor Support
In addition, because all of  the information is stored within the system,
should a problem arise that might otherwise result in a contention of
malpractice, all the information that is in the system concerning the patient,
including  representations/omissions of the patient, can be printed out in
support of the doctor’s actions, treatments, and prescriptions.  For
example, if the patient does not tell the doctor or their staff of all the
medications that they are using and the patient has a negative reaction
because of a drug interaction, the system can show that the patient was asked a relevant question and failed to tell the doctor about a certain drug that he or she was taking.
3) Saving Healthcare Dollars
The reduction of medical malpractice cases will help to greatly reduce the cost of medical malpractice insurance which in turn will reduce the cost to the public in healthcare costs, as well, obviously, in enhancing patient care.
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